el Despacho (Mexico)


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El despacho or "the office" is based on a series of collaborations as part of a continuous project since 1998. The different facets of this project have involved collaborations between individuals from diverse regions, both within as well as outside of Mexico City. It has been of importance to involve people who endeavour within different disciplines (writers, filmmakers, photographers, students, etc.) with the purpose of enriching the perspective of the project. The objective is to generate encounters between the participants and the members of the communities on which the projects are based, and which also enable the development of distribution strategies which seek to modify the creator-spectator relationship (person-to-person distribution, exhibition in public spaces, and televised transmissions). The work consists of incurring in processes of dislocation and reinsertion, inviting artist and spectator to recognise themselves within the workings of the social machinery, and hence participate in a process of revision. This website shows some of the activities of el despacho. For more iformation see the website of el despacho.