ART Bakery (Cameroon)


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Artbakery wants to stimulate the arts in Cameroon and the surrounding region. A special focus is on multimedia. Artbakery aims to improve the chances of local artists and their production of contemporary art through interaction and exchange with more experienced colleagues within Cameroon and abroad. By organising workshops, master classes and the ‘portfolio programme, they try to reach this goal. Goddy Leye (Rijksakademie 01/02)started Artbakery in 2002.Goddy Leye passed away 19 February 2011. ArtBakery will be continued in his name. This website shows some of the activities. More information on the website of ArtBakery and Goddy Leye. Contact: Adeline Chapelle,previous Co-worker Goddy Leye: art projects and Estella Mbuli, sister of Goddy Leye: administrator (